Dycee Wildman | 2011 February
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February 2011

23 Feb The Attack (pre production)

About two or three years ago I wrote this very short, post-modern zombie movie. My best friend, Luiza, and I tried to shoot it a few times during one very loud evening in Brooklyn, but we were not good actors (and we didn’t have a camera, so we were just using the camera on her laptop). Needless to say, it was all a comical disaster.

But now I’ve decided again to shoot it. This time we are going forward with real actors, my good girlfriends Hailey Collier (of the band Like Candy Red) and Desiree Fors, and a real camera (well a flip camera but still it’s better than a laptop).

Shooting March 31st.
I’m so excited.

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21 Feb creating bugs

Ok I am on the lookout for a good, (in-camera and post-production) SPECIAL EFFECTS partner in crime.
Said partner should:

-be very creative
-love problem solving
-have a background in special effects or puppets/model building
-love movies (horror movies a plus)
-think making fake bugs crawl and fly around in a movie sounds really fun
-like (maybe love) David Cronenberg movies

If you know anyone who fits this description tell them to contact me.

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01 Feb Music Videos

Currently in meetings with two local bands about doing music videos for them and their upcoming albums.  Now the art is sifting through all of the ideas and options, working within the limitations of time and funds, and finding something that will make us all proud.

For Chicken Little the idea involves a junk yard, monsters and perhaps an angry capitalist in a top hat. Now we just need to find/make some fabulous masks to transform the duo.  The Future will be a more performance based video (because the lead singer has some serious dance moves).  But they are all really funny great guys and I know we can come up with something fun and smart to do in the giant black box that we have secured as our location.

So there is something for all of you to look forward to.

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