Dycee Wildman | 2011 September
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September 2011

28 Sep The Mill. coming soon.

Last night myself and a very talented group of friends shot a short film about a fear of growing up pitted up against the fear of not being given the opportunity to do so. It is a fun script that I wrote with Eric Bierschenk. And it was a fun night.

This was a great learning experience for me in working quickly. We knew that we wanted to make this movie in a very specific location and we knew that we wanted to premiere the movie at a very specific event, on October 23rd. Just as I began writing the dialogue and pinning down the story, we learned that our friend who was our access to our primary location was leaving town for the entire month of October. Suddenly our writing, pre-production and shooting schedules all got the gas turned on.

Last night was our only shooting day and it was a doozy. 10 hours, 2 locations, 7 actors, 2 crew members and myself trying to keep everything together as the clocked ticked later and later into the night. Finally at 2am I drove away, feeling exhausted, but incredibly proud of the work that everyone put into our guerrilla filmmaking experiment. Oh yeah, did I mention that we weren’t allowed to be using the location, so we spent most of the time whispering and sneaking around? Yeah that happened too.

In the end it was a great learning experience and I cannot wait to be premiering the final cut in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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