Dycee Wildman | 2011 November
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November 2011

15 Nov Brightstar music video

This was a really fun music video to create with one of my best friends, here in Nashville, Shannon Murphy. Her retro doomy sound and badass attitude made this song my anthem for the month. I loved being forced to listen to it nonstop.

The upcoming album is outrageous and will be out on vinyl next year. Keep your ears out for this incredible new talent and enjoy the video.  

Also can you believe that snake! What a find. Thanks to Chris Durai, our camera guy.

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09 Nov The Mill

The Mill, a short film about a very natural fear of growing up, is finally done and part 1 is available on the videos page (part 2 coming soon).  I feel like I learned a lot while making this movie.  It is interesting what you can learn when you go about doing everything in the wrong way.  We rushed writing this movie and shooting it, but frankly working like that reminded me of some of the raw energy that you find when making films in college.

Everyone involved in this movie did such a good job and I cannot wait to work with all of them again.

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