Dycee Wildman | 2011 December
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December 2011

10 Dec CMT update

Hey friends and fans, Bearfoot and OFF WITH HER HEAD PRODUCTIONS have a mission for you, should you chose to accept it. You already know, from the news post yesterday, that the new video is featured on CMT.com and getting tons of views (2052 so far), shares (69) and thumbs up (100%) but what you may not know is that you can help Bearfoot do even better.

If you click here you can vote for Bearfoot, Tell Me A Story, to be played on CMT Pure’s 12 PACK countdown television show. You may vote as many times as you want, so don’t hold back.

Tell your friends and thanks for your help!

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09 Dec Bearfoot and CMT!!

Well this is exciting. The video that we did months and months ago, for Nashville-based band, Bearfoot, finally hit the scene at the top! For country, americana, folk or bluegrass there isn’t a better place to get the word out than CMT.
This video, for the song Tell Me A Story, written by the band’s new singer Nora Jane Struthers (see here for a video that Struthers and I did last year), premiered Wednesday on CMT and CMT.com.
After only 2 days it already has almost 2000 views. It is incredible to think about so many people seeing something that we all made. This was a collaborative process, working with all of the members of the band (who were all amazing) and our DP/camera operator, Craig Hill (whose work can also be seen on the videos for Willie and Oh No) to come up with the concept and themes for the end piece.
Each band member had 3 different costumes 1) traveling band 2) Gone With The Wind style old south and 3) fantasy world. Everyone had a lot of fun getting into character and playing around. It was a long shooting day, reaching about 9 or 10 hours, but when you like what you do working hard isn’t so bad.
Unfortunately CMT is only able to play a shortened version of the video, which includes the entire song, but does not include the 1 minute intro that we shot. You can find the extended “director’s cut” here as well as here, where you can also find live performances from the band.
Check it all out.

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06 Dec Jesi Kettering

As you can see, when it rains it pours here at Off With Her Head Productions. I just uploaded a music video from Nashville singer/songwriter Jesi Kettering. She has a very honest, striped down vibe and sound to her music, so we went with that and took it back to the 90’s for a simple and authentic video. We shot her in apartment with DP Craig Hill.

Jesi is an incredible gal and you guys should absolutely check her and her music out.

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01 Dec Gracious Calamity video

I just posted the new video for MA-based girl group, Gracious Calamity, and their tune Shoes With Laces. I love this song and these ladies! (I went to college with half of the duo, Kate, and she is the mastermind behind this fabulous website that you see before you.)

It was an absolute delight to make this video. Kit and Kate contacted me a few months ago and said that they wanted a music video, but the distance between us meant that I had to create it, sadly, without the two lovely leads. Luckily they were up for whatever. And that’s what they got.

In Nashville we just had our first snow so I am thinking of this as my farewell love letter to the autumn weather. Look for Gracious Calamity coming through your town.

See the little spider in this third image? I love catching unexpected creatures in my videos.

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