Dycee Wildman | 2012 April
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April 2012

18 Apr Meet Kat

Meet Katherine Armstrong.  She is the subject of my newest film endeavor and my first ever documentary.  Last night Chris Durai, trusty DP/camera operator, and I traveled out to Old Hickory, Tennessee, to Kat’s lovely home, for our first shoot.

I am moved by Kat’s story and her willingness to share it with me, as well as allowing me to share it with the world.  It leaves me humbled by the responsibility and I strive to be up to the challenge.

More details on this unnamed project to come.

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06 Apr Nashville Scene


If it wasn’t already clear that the Sarabeth Geoghegan video for “Kids In The City” was making a buzz around town, here’s a little bit more proof.  Local what’s-going-on-in-town rag, Nashville Scene, mentioned the video in their online music blog, Nashville Cream, naming it the “Fresh Vid”.

Check it out here.

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06 Apr 1000 views

Sarabeth and I posted her video on April 1st. It is now a mere 5 days later and we’ve hit the 1000 views mark. This is just proof that Sarabeth has a ton of friends and even more fans. It is always nice to know that something you made is actually getting an audience.  Keep watching and we’ll keep making things to see.

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01 Apr Sarabeth Geoghegan’s music video

Trying to describe this music video, for Sarabeth Geoghegan’s song Kids In The City, is like trying to recall and retell a dream you’ve had.  Most of the pieces are there but the logic gets lost and eventually the tale tends to devolve into an outrageous list of surprises. Needless to say, this is a dream I wouldn’t mind reoccurring.

Here are a few hints to the hallucination:

Check out the full video here.

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