Dycee Wildman | 2012 May
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May 2012

23 May The Devil made me do it

The new video for Randy Reed and His Problems is up on the website and getting a lot of attention. Randy and I didn’t want to make a predictable music video of kids being rowdy in a bar. We knew, from our first meeting, that we wanted to make sure there was a “twist” of some kind.
This video embodies one of my favorite things about making music videos, which is the deeply collaborative process of being creative with my own voice as well as highlighting the artist, his or her voice, and the creative ideas that he or she brings to the table. It can be tricky sometimes but Randy and I worked really well together and had fun from beginning to end. I think together we created a video that works perfectly with the song, while bringing in something new and unexpected.

Hope it is as much fun to watch as it was to make.

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22 May Midnight In MT music video

You guys remember Bearfoot, the incredibly talented band for which I did a music video last year, that made it all the way to CMT? Well they are back with a vengeance. While on the road, driving through Montana, equiped with nothing but their talent and a Flip Camera, they shot a music video for their fantastic song Midnight In Montana. The song has been stuck in my head for weeks since I edited their homemovie-style footage into this video for them. It turned out to be really fun and shows a lot of the band’s personality. Check it out below.

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08 May Randy Reed Music Video

In April a handful of foolhardy drunks and good friends (with Craig Hill behind the camera) gathered together at Chagos Cantina to shoot a music video for Randy Reed and His Problems. We called in a lot of favors and made a lot of messes but by 4am we were all proud of what we had accomplished.  That is those of us who weren’t too intoxicated to remember the evening, felt proud of it.

I am knee deep in editing this bizarre video now.  It’s a little bit country, a little bit dirty and it has a twist ending.  That’s all I can say.  The video will be up soon, until then here is a little tease, to the upcoming video for “I Don’t Give A Big Fat Flying F#@%$”.

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