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Animated (very) shorts

07 Jul Animated (very) shorts

Things have been a little slow at the Off With Her Headquarters. So after reading the latest Steven King novel, catching up on the internet, and really considering cleaning the house I decided to put my free time to use.
When I was in college I worked in the editing suits, as 1 of my work-study positions, and there I would while away the hours animating whatever popped into my head, until my shift was done. I have always really enjoyed this medium because it is something I can do without anyone else. Whereas larger productions require exponentially more people and support and scheduling, animation is just me and a computer and that freedom is really nice.
Here are 2 very short animations I made in the last few days to ward off boredom. Teeth searches for enlightenment and Temple is about the process of growing up and becoming one’s true self whatever that may be.
Take a look.


and Temple


Dycee Wildman
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