Dycee Wildman | 2015 February
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February 2015


14 Feb Check Please

Late last year a few of my dear and talented friends got together to make a 30 second horror movie, for a competition to be judged by Wes Craven. Bookworm didn’t win, but we made it to the top 10 staff picks, which was good enough for us. So when they announced a 30 second romantic comedy version, we all jumped at the opportunity.

The competition was canceled (no idea why) but we all were having fun planning, so we continued on anyway. The result is a little longer than 30 second, and came out just in time for Valentines Day.

We premiered on The East Nashvillian, because all of our locations were restaurants on the East side. It was a great, fun experience and I hope it makes you laugh.

Check Please

Producer: Jason Gigax

Writter/Director: Dycee Wildman

DP/Editor: Tim O’Laughlin

Starring: Peter Van and Angela Calcaterra

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14 Feb Amy Poehler



Nora Jane and I have gotten some fun press as a result of our collaborations in the past. We have even gotten some great press already from the Let Go music video (see Rolling Stone post), but there is something about being noticed by the feminist brain child of super cool Amy Poehler, that makes this shout out my favorite ever! It doesn’t hurt that the writer says such nice things about what we did, and it feels like she saw it for what it was supposed to be. Makes a hard days work feel so worth it. Thanks Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, we think you make amazing, feminist, and kick butt things too.

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