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Fossils Film


09 May Fossils Film

For the past few months I have had the distinct privilege to be a part of an extraordinary project, Fossils Film. Fossils is the brain child of bold powerhouse Sarah Saturday and her musical outlet Gardening, Not Architecture. As G,NA prepares to put out the 3rd album, another project is taking shape.

Sarah wants to break into the world of film. She’s currently working on the soundtrack from a movie that will be out this year. But she wanted a marriage of the traditional music video and a feature film. What was born out of that ambitious idea is Fossils Film a feature length anthology project. 8 songs, 3 directors, 3 short films all inspired from the same music, themes, ideas, and images.

We have all been hard at work in a mad schedule of meetings and long weekends shooting, but it’s starting to feel real and I can’t believe my luck and being able to be a part of it all. It’s a big deal for me, as a director, to be there with some big names in the Nashville industry, Motke Dapp and Jon Rogers, not to mention our amazing Producer, Jennifer Bonoir.

I finally wrapped out all of my shooting on Wednesday, after about 30 hours with some of the best crew and actors imaginable, and now it’s nose to the grind stone to get my ~13 min. piece done. Between now and the premiere later this summer, there will be a ton of fundraising events and celebrations all of which add up to a great 2015 so far.

Dycee Wildman
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