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16 Oct Sarabeth Go!

Spent the rainy Sunday yesterday playing in a church gymnasium with a bunch of Strange Creatures. Sara Beth Go and I put together the idea and some imagery for her new music video, which then was brought to life by the incredible Lindsay Goranson, who art directed the crap out of it, complete with paper mache heads, PVC cars, and so many LED lights.

I can’t wait to put this together and get it out in time for Halloween, because who doesn’t need an anthem embracing the strange creature in us all.

Follow Sara Beth on all the social stuff to make sure you hear the song and see the video the second it comes out.

Strange Creatures Shoot-10Strange Creatures Shoot-22

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14 Oct Women in Horror Film Festival

Wow it’s a problem when you’re too busy doing amazing wonderful things to write about them on your website. The last few years has been busy with music videos, short films, and the creation of a collaboration we are called Daisy Dukes Films. We make some pretty amazing short films and this past September we were lucky enough to show one of them at the first ever Women In Horror Film Festival. It was amazing and here are a few pictures of us being silly on the “dead” carpet.


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24 Jun Fossils Gala

This fossils thing keeps growing and all of us on board keep pushing ourselves to the glorious and outrageous limits. This week that included a very successful screening of all three parts for the producers and directors, and an hour-long radio interview of Sarah Saturday and myself about the project as a whole, for Radio Free Nashville. Meanwhile many gears keep turning to the keep the machine on it’s path, including the ever approaching Gala at the Rymer Gallery downtown on June 27th to showcase and celebrate the beautiful paintings by LA Bachman made for AND WHAT REMAINS and used in all three parts. I hope that all of Nashville comes out to toast these achievements and build some excitement about the impending July 11th premiere.

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09 May Fossils Film

For the past few months I have had the distinct privilege to be a part of an extraordinary project, Fossils Film. Fossils is the brain child of bold powerhouse Sarah Saturday and her musical outlet Gardening, Not Architecture. As G,NA prepares to put out the 3rd album, another project is taking shape.

Sarah wants to break into the world of film. She’s currently working on the soundtrack from a movie that will be out this year. But she wanted a marriage of the traditional music video and a feature film. What was born out of that ambitious idea is Fossils Film a feature length anthology project. 8 songs, 3 directors, 3 short films all inspired from the same music, themes, ideas, and images.

We have all been hard at work in a mad schedule of meetings and long weekends shooting, but it’s starting to feel real and I can’t believe my luck and being able to be a part of it all. It’s a big deal for me, as a director, to be there with some big names in the Nashville industry, Motke Dapp and Jon Rogers, not to mention our amazing Producer, Jennifer Bonoir.

I finally wrapped out all of my shooting on Wednesday, after about 30 hours with some of the best crew and actors imaginable, and now it’s nose to the grind stone to get my ~13 min. piece done. Between now and the premiere later this summer, there will be a ton of fundraising events and celebrations all of which add up to a great 2015 so far.

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14 Feb Check Please

Late last year a few of my dear and talented friends got together to make a 30 second horror movie, for a competition to be judged by Wes Craven. Bookworm didn’t win, but we made it to the top 10 staff picks, which was good enough for us. So when they announced a 30 second romantic comedy version, we all jumped at the opportunity.

The competition was canceled (no idea why) but we all were having fun planning, so we continued on anyway. The result is a little longer than 30 second, and came out just in time for Valentines Day.

We premiered on The East Nashvillian, because all of our locations were restaurants on the East side. It was a great, fun experience and I hope it makes you laugh.

Check Please

Producer: Jason Gigax

Writter/Director: Dycee Wildman

DP/Editor: Tim O’Laughlin

Starring: Peter Van and Angela Calcaterra

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14 Feb Amy Poehler



Nora Jane and I have gotten some fun press as a result of our collaborations in the past. We have even gotten some great press already from the Let Go music video (see Rolling Stone post), but there is something about being noticed by the feminist brain child of super cool Amy Poehler, that makes this shout out my favorite ever! It doesn’t hurt that the writer says such nice things about what we did, and it feels like she saw it for what it was supposed to be. Makes a hard days work feel so worth it. Thanks Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, we think you make amazing, feminist, and kick butt things too.

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17 Jan Rolling Stone!!


The newest Nora Jane Struthers + Dycee Wildman music video, for her song LET GO, premiered this week on RollingStone.com! This is a big enough deal on it’s own, but it came along with a fantastic article and they spelled my name correctly. Thank you to everyone involved in this music video and Rolling Stone for supporting independent artists.

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07 Jul Animated (very) shorts

Things have been a little slow at the Off With Her Headquarters. So after reading the latest Steven King novel, catching up on the internet, and really considering cleaning the house I decided to put my free time to use.
When I was in college I worked in the editing suits, as 1 of my work-study positions, and there I would while away the hours animating whatever popped into my head, until my shift was done. I have always really enjoyed this medium because it is something I can do without anyone else. Whereas larger productions require exponentially more people and support and scheduling, animation is just me and a computer and that freedom is really nice.
Here are 2 very short animations I made in the last few days to ward off boredom. Teeth searches for enlightenment and Temple is about the process of growing up and becoming one’s true self whatever that may be.
Take a look.


and Temple


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