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23 Oct On Tour with The Party Line


On October 10th I hit the road, in a giant van, with the 5 members of the band Nora Jane Struthers and The Party Line.  Anyone who follows my work knows that this is not very surprising.  Since 2010 I have done countless videos for NJ ranging from polished music videos, to promotional work, not to mention casting her in a few videos for other artists (see: SteelDrivers videos 1 and 2).  We’ve been friends for a long time but this is the first time that I packed up and saw life from her perspective, which is most often, the view from a moving vehicle.  We started in NC and ended up as far North as my old college town in Western Mass. It was a great 9 days but I sure am happy to be back home editing the footage that I shot, while the band continues on for another week.  tourmapjpeg

Keep your eyes out in the near future for live videos, EPKs, and behind the scenes gems emerging from this mountain of video that I took.

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11 Sep Introducing Angela Allen

Hanging out in Angela Allen’s home studio is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. That’s what Mike Lacy, John Lewis, and I did last week, in order to shoot an upcoming promotional video for her home decor brand, which shares her name.

Keep your eyes out for the new video here and on her website.




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29 Aug Did someone order a last minute barn dance?

On Wednesday, after 2 months of talking about it and exactly 3 days of planning OFF WITH HER HEAD PRODUCTIONS teamed up again (see previous music video here) with The Steeldrivers to stage a barn dance for their party song, Wearin’ a Hole.

Trusty camera-dude Chris Durai and I were joined by Michael Lacy (B camera) and about 35 extras at the world famous Station Inn.

Things I learned:

-Nashville has some great dancers

-People are not opposed to drinking at 10 am

-Slow motion (60 fps) footage of people dancing is hypnotic to watch

-The Steeldrivers are so fun!



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10 Jul Seeing ghosts



The upcoming Nora Jane Struthers And The Party Line video, for their dreamy summer song, Bike Ride, took me down a haunting road into the past. Specifically I traveled into the parts of my family from long before I was born. My Grandmother, Lula, was a advocate of memories. She has often been quoted as saying “If you’re eating 3 meals a day but say that you cannot afford to buy film then your priorities are all wrong.” This belief of hers has left me with hours of converted 8mm footage that she took of her family, including my mother as a child. Many of the people in the grainy over or under exposed frames are strangers to me, distant aunts and cousins that I will never meet. But some of them are not strangers at all. Some of their shining, smiling faces are so dear to me that my heart skipped a beat upon finding them, hiding there, in the past.


Lula passed away a few years ago now. I miss her everyday. My mother is still alive and lives just a few moments from my apartment, in Nashville, but a part of me misses her everyday as well. Seeing them there in captured moments of performance and glee it is hard to not feel further away from them than ever. Nostalgia is a homesickness for a place to which you may never return.


Music is very proficient at the task of stirring up nostalgia in someone else and the song that Nora Jane wrote does it expertly. The song longs for a time back when we were young and everything was easier. Of course this time never existed, things are never easy, but held like crystals in our mind we are able to remember them as the good old days. This is a kind of magic.


Am I looking for that magic everyday? When I put on my vintage clothes, visit the flea market and spend money on old beat up chairs, when I lament the end of Polaroid and willingly replace it with Instagram, am I not blurring my eyes just enough to see try to see things as they once were, when everything was more beautiful and better?


This video is dutifully dedicated to the woman who once upon a time spent some of the very little money she had on an 8mm camera and stunning color film so that someday her grandchildren in a the future would get to see fleeting glimpses of a time that is gone forever.

 Thank you Grandmama.

I love you.


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22 May Anne Buckle post production

I’ve had the pleasure of look at this pretty face a lot lately. I’d like you all to meet Anne Buckle. Chris and I shot a video for her brooding tune BALLAD OF A BROKEN HEART in March. Things have been pretty busy at OWHH headquarters but this little gem is starting to take shape.

Stay tuned for the full video.


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07 Mar #3!

Yep. We are still climbing those charts. CMT 12 PACK fans have voted the Steeldrivers new video for I’ll Be There up from #5 to #3.

I’m not gonna lie guys, that feels great.
Go watch it, enjoy it, and maybe vote for it.

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