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15 Nov Brightstar music video

This was a really fun music video to create with one of my best friends, here in Nashville, Shannon Murphy. Her retro doomy sound and badass attitude made this song my anthem for the month. I loved being forced to listen to it nonstop.

The upcoming album is outrageous and will be out on vinyl next year. Keep your ears out for this incredible new talent and enjoy the video.  

Also can you believe that snake! What a find. Thanks to Chris Durai, our camera guy.

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09 Nov The Mill

The Mill, a short film about a very natural fear of growing up, is finally done and part 1 is available on the videos page (part 2 coming soon).  I feel like I learned a lot while making this movie.  It is interesting what you can learn when you go about doing everything in the wrong way.  We rushed writing this movie and shooting it, but frankly working like that reminded me of some of the raw energy that you find when making films in college.

Everyone involved in this movie did such a good job and I cannot wait to work with all of them again.

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10 Oct Website Changes

Maybe you’ve noticed already, but if you haven’t, we have been making some changes to the website. Specifically and most excitingly there is a new section to the menu which is all MUSIC VIDEOS. This is becoming a bigger focus for Off With Her Head Productions and needed to be reflected here.

Right now the list is short (and sweet), but keep your eyes open for upcoming videos from Bearfoot, Jesi Kettering, Gracious Calamity, SaraBeth Geoghegan, Brightstar and more, in the next few months.

Very exciting.

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28 Sep The Mill. coming soon.

Last night myself and a very talented group of friends shot a short film about a fear of growing up pitted up against the fear of not being given the opportunity to do so. It is a fun script that I wrote with Eric Bierschenk. And it was a fun night.

This was a great learning experience for me in working quickly. We knew that we wanted to make this movie in a very specific location and we knew that we wanted to premiere the movie at a very specific event, on October 23rd. Just as I began writing the dialogue and pinning down the story, we learned that our friend who was our access to our primary location was leaving town for the entire month of October. Suddenly our writing, pre-production and shooting schedules all got the gas turned on.

Last night was our only shooting day and it was a doozy. 10 hours, 2 locations, 7 actors, 2 crew members and myself trying to keep everything together as the clocked ticked later and later into the night. Finally at 2am I drove away, feeling exhausted, but incredibly proud of the work that everyone put into our guerrilla filmmaking experiment. Oh yeah, did I mention that we weren’t allowed to be using the location, so we spent most of the time whispering and sneaking around? Yeah that happened too.

In the end it was a great learning experience and I cannot wait to be premiering the final cut in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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25 Aug Press for upcoming Barefoot music video

Check out the little bit of press for the music video I’m currently editing for Nashville based, bluegrass group Bearfoot.  We shot last week and it was a lot of fun.  This post includes a link to the music video that Nora Jane Struthers and I did along with Craig Hill, who also worked on this new video, for her song Willie, which really does me proud.  Check it out and stay tuned for the new video to come soon.

The Bluegrass Blog

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11 May Paper Thin (pre-production)

I am so excited about this new project, on the horizon. Starting with a true and funny story from my Mother’s college days, Eric Bierschenk (you can find him in our series of micro-shorts) and I took a little artistic license and came up with this idea for a 10-15 minute narrative short film, Paper Thin.

All of the movies I have ever made have cost no money at all (my last video cost the most: $20). After visiting the Nashville Film Festival this Spring and watching a few series of their short films, I realized that I wanted to start experimenting with making movies that have a budget. I have confidence in my ideas but who knows how a little professional touch could elevate them to the level of festival contenders.

I want to use this opportunity to tell an entertaining story, highlight a clear aesthetic style, explore the delicate balance between details and overall vision, push myself to polish work to a higher standard, practice working within a budget, become more business minded, prove to everyone that given a little extra time and energy my ideas can really become something. Eventually I hope to use this short as a kind of calling card to say “Hey look what I did! I bet you want to help me make my feature film, APOSTROPHE.”

Look for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

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06 Apr The Attack

Ok everyone, last week myself and two lovely ladies shot The Attack.  A mumblecore, meta, post-modern, funnytake on a zombie movie.  It’s a little silly and a strange, but what else could you expect?

Check it out at my videos page.
But, you may ask, Dycee, what does it all mean? And I would reply:

The world is a scary place where horrible things happen everywhere all the time.  It’s easy to be privilaged and distracted and unaware, and focus your energy on superficial things, because trying to stay tuned in and connected is an exercise in constant disappointment and terror.  But in the end the desensitization of the population is a far more terrifying prospect.

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23 Feb The Attack (pre production)

About two or three years ago I wrote this very short, post-modern zombie movie. My best friend, Luiza, and I tried to shoot it a few times during one very loud evening in Brooklyn, but we were not good actors (and we didn’t have a camera, so we were just using the camera on her laptop). Needless to say, it was all a comical disaster.

But now I’ve decided again to shoot it. This time we are going forward with real actors, my good girlfriends Hailey Collier (of the band Like Candy Red) and Desiree Fors, and a real camera (well a flip camera but still it’s better than a laptop).

Shooting March 31st.
I’m so excited.

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01 Feb Music Videos

Currently in meetings with two local bands about doing music videos for them and their upcoming albums.  Now the art is sifting through all of the ideas and options, working within the limitations of time and funds, and finding something that will make us all proud.

For Chicken Little the idea involves a junk yard, monsters and perhaps an angry capitalist in a top hat. Now we just need to find/make some fabulous masks to transform the duo.  The Future will be a more performance based video (because the lead singer has some serious dance moves).  But they are all really funny great guys and I know we can come up with something fun and smart to do in the giant black box that we have secured as our location.

So there is something for all of you to look forward to.

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12 Jan Something… anything.

Occasionally it is important just to make something… anything.  Sometimes more is learned by a simple act than by the grand gesture for which you were saving all of your energy.  Keeping your muscles strong is as important as lifting the car when something precious is trapped beneath it.

Everyday you need to be able to wrestle the lid from the jar of jam.

It is for this reason that I have made the first in a 4-part series of shorts entitled The Squeaking Floors (here). Sometimes communication is more difficult than the crippling silence and misunderstandings.

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