Bearfoot and CMT!!

Well this is exciting. The video that we did months and months ago, for Nashville-based band, Bearfoot, finally hit the scene at the top! For country, americana, folk or bluegrass there isn’t a better place to get the word out than CMT.
This video, for the song Tell Me A Story, written by the band’s new singer Nora Jane Struthers (see here for a video that Struthers and I did last year), premiered Wednesday on CMT and
After only 2 days it already has almost 2000 views. It is incredible to think about so many people seeing something that we all made. This was a collaborative process, working with all of the members of the band (who were all amazing) and our DP/camera operator, Craig Hill (whose work can also be seen on the videos for Willie and Oh No) to come up with the concept and themes for the end piece.
Each band member had 3 different costumes 1) traveling band 2) Gone With The Wind style old south and 3) fantasy world. Everyone had a lot of fun getting into character and playing around. It was a long shooting day, reaching about 9 or 10 hours, but when you like what you do working hard isn’t so bad.
Unfortunately CMT is only able to play a shortened version of the video, which includes the entire song, but does not include the 1 minute intro that we shot. You can find the extended “director’s cut” here as well as here, where you can also find live performances from the band.
Check it all out.

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